Academic Fellowship

Winner of the 2020 National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals Model Practice Award.

Applications for the 2024-25 cohort are currently open - apply here.

The goal of the Florida State Student-Athlete Academic Services Staff Academic Fellows program is to train and develop individuals for a career in the profession of student athlete academic support.

Fellows participate in a rigorous training program designed to build and enhance the foundational knowledge base and skills necessary to allow the fellow to step into a full time position in the profession and be equipped to function at a high level of proficiency.


Primary responsibilities will be working with assigned advisors to coordinate academic enhancement support for individual student athletes and teams.

Secondary responsibilities will include working with all components of the Student Athlete Academic Services program including academic mentoring, educational services, class checking, study hall monitoring, tutoring services, and others duties as allocated.


“The Florida State Student-Athlete Academic Support Fellowship was one of the best things I have done for my career. The whole staff is very supportive and involved in preparing you for a full-time job in the field. As a fellow, you gain experience in a wide variety of vital tasks - advisement meetings with student-athletes, compiling grade reports, reporting to coaches, assisting in recruiting, traveling with teams on the road, and managing programs such as mentoring and class checking. There is an emphasis placed on the development of professional skills, such as networking and presenting on NCAA regulations and eligibility rules. As the program comes to a close, you are consciously guided through the daunting world of job searching through mock interviews and resume building. The year I spent with Florida State was monumental for my professional growth. The proof is in the results - FSU launched my career from their program to a full-time position working with Football and Baseball at a Power 5 institution. I would highly recommend it to any young professional who is looking to pursue a career in student-athlete academic support.”

Mary Cameron Yeomans, Ed.S.
Mississippi State University

“The program at Florida State University helped me advance my career in a very short time and accepting the position was one of the best decisions I‘ve made. Not only did the program expose me to daily tasks like grade reports, advising and class checking, but it also allowed me to gain experience with progress toward degree and continuing eligibility requirements. Also, the experience of being able to work directly with student-athletes and coaches helped me grow as a professional. The staff at FSU is very knowledgeable and all are very willing to help the fellows be successful, whether it be showing tips and tools for success or help expanding a professional network.”

Zach Barge, M.Ed.
Ball State University

“The program at Florida State University is hands down the best career decision a young professional pursuing a career in athletic academic advising could make. FSU SAAS’s program provided me an opportunity to gain experience in a highly regarded institution with one of the most successful athletic departments in the country. The exposure to the inner workings of Florida State University and FSU Athletics will benefit me for years to come. The dedicated and knowledgeable staff members of the FSU SAAS Department ensure that you leave the program polished and ready to pursue full-time positions. The hands-on experience with initial eligibility, continuing eligibility,  academic mentoring, progress towards degree, class registration, grade reports and APR are just a few of the responsibilities that have allowed me to develop the necessary skills to work in this industry. In addition, I have been able to expand my professional network through the help of the staff. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked for the FSU SAAS Department and would highly recommend the program to any individual who is passionate about entering the athletic academic advising industry.”

Emily Hurd, M.Ed.
Kent State University

"This program at Florida State has been an opportunity for growth and development in the field unlike any other experience I have had. From the complex advising system and mapping requirements to the expectations for elite level athletic competition and academic performance, Florida State is an institution that holds its students and employees to high standards. You have the opportunity to gain a wide variety of experiences throughout the year here and can definitely successfully transition to a full time role in this field after this program. Those diverse experiences, coupled with passion for the field and hard work, build a profile and transferrable skills that prepare you for advising or learning specialist roles at any level, from Power 5 Division I institutions to the Division II and Division III levels. As an Academic Fellow, you also have the option to collaborate with a number of student-athlete development type initiatives like the Seminole Leadership and LYFE programs. This further expands your working knowledge of what it takes to provide strong, holistic support to student-athletes. The students are why you get into this field and work hard every day to provide maximum support, and this program prepares you to excel as a leader in intercollegiate athletics."

Kiara McClendon, M.A.Ed., M.C.I.S
Ohio State University

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2023-2024 (from left to right)
Jake Gelnovatch
Josannah Vazquez
Kendell Johnson
Cassidy Mehr
Colette Yamaoka
Kayla Hughes
Ryan Hutchison
2022-2023 (post-program opportunity)
Isabelle Austin (Florida State University)
Lexi Williams (Georgia Tech University)
Cheyenne Noli (Florida State University)
Regan Braun (West Virginia University)
William Rasmussen (Western Kentucky University)
Sadie Gladden (University of North Carolina)
Evan Gray (University of New Hampshire)
2021-2022 (post-program opportunity)
Davion Fisher (Cuyahoga Community College)
Abby McKanna (Tulane University)
Emily Bermel (Kansas State)
Tiffany Million
Elizabeth Gloria (University of South Carolina)
Abby Crowell (Oregon State University)
Josh Cohoon (University of Oklahoma)
2020-2021 (post-program opportunity)
Jonathan Alvarez (Ohio State University)
Marcus Jegede (Mississippi State University)
Megan Charlton (Jacksonville University)
Lexi Walters (Georgia Tech University)
Jocelyn Zaneski (University of Texas Arlington)
Eduardo Middleton (University of South Alabama)
Kiah Sewell


2019-2020 (post-program opportunity)
Kevin Houchins, Jr (University of Virginia)
Mallory Mangun (Florida State University)
Farrah Young (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)
Jennifer Porras (Grand Canyon University)
Maggie Fleming (Florida State University)
Kristopher Elmer (University of Pennsylvania)

interns2018.JPG 2018-2019 (post-program opportunity)
Isaac Rodriguez (Florida State University)
Casie Logan  (Stephen F. Austin University)
Maggie Dunn (Florida State University)
Diamond Brown (University of Washington)
Chelsea Ingersoll (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Austin Whitelaw (Florida State University)
interns2017 GT.jpg 2017-2018 (post-program opportunity)
Catie Campbell (UT-Chattanooga)
Tatum Rochin (Iowa State University)
Corey Talley (University of Arizona)
Mary Cameron Yeomans (Mississippi State University)
Megan Kassmeier (Texas State University)


interns2016.jpg 2016-2017 (post-program opportunity)
Carina Thompson (Northern Arizona University)
Jelena Vucinic (Louisiana Tech University)
Tyler Merillat (Weber State University)
Ashley Cruder (Southern Methodist University)
Kiara McClendon (Ohio State University)


2015-2016 (post-program opportunity)
Shawn Wagner (Florida State University)
Emily Hurd (Kent State University)
Chasity Prince (UT Chattanooga)
Nicole Byrne (Florida State University)
Devon Frieson (Georgia Southern University)


interns2014.jpg 2014-2015 (post-program opportunity)
Alyssa Harmon (IMG Academy)
Zach Barge (Ball State University)
Storm Blitz (Florida Gulf Coast University)



2013-2014 (post-program opportunity opportunity)
Erin DeChellis (Florida State University)
Brittany Carnago (Georgia Tech University)
Kelly Benacka (Illinois State University)